Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information

For California Residents: Understanding Your Rights

As a valued member of the Carter Wade community residing in California, you are endowed with specific rights regarding the handling of your personal information. Our commitment to your privacy means we do not engage in selling your personal data for financial gain. Nonetheless, for purposes such as cross-context behavioral advertising, there might be instances where we share your information with third parties (like online advertising platforms) or permit the collection of your data through automated technologies on our digital platforms.

Such practices could fall under the definition of "sale" or "sharing" in the context of cross-context behavioral advertising as per California legislation. Our Privacy Policy provides detailed insights into how and when we might share your information with external entities.


To Exercise Your Opt-Out Rights:

1. Automated Technologies: If you wish to opt out of data sharing that involves automated technologies on your current device and browser, please [click here].

2. Non-Automated Disclosures: For opting out of data disclosures that do not employ automated technologies on your current device and browser, we welcome you to [email us directly] (

We respect your privacy preferences and provide these avenues to ensure you have control over your personal information. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our team is here to support you.