About Carter Wade

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The Carter Wade Story: From Roots to Revolution

Driven by a deep love for fashion and a greater compassion for animals, Carter Wade was born out of the resolve to merge style with ethics, solving a personal dilemma by creating a brand that honors both passions without compromise.

Rooted in Heritage, Inspired by Love

My journey back to my roots began with a material as enduring as my connection to Mexico - cactus leather. This remarkable innovation not only grows and is processed in my home country but embodies the spirit of resilience and beauty inherent in our culture. Each Carter Wade handbag, crafted from this sustainable marvel, is a tribute to the land that birthed me and a bridge to the heritage I yearn to share with the world.

Carter Wade, named after my son Carter, whose middle name 'Wade' symbolizes the journey through life, represents more than just a brand. It’s a story of love, legacy, and the pursuit of a dream. Charlie, my rescued fur baby and my undeniable source of inspiration, has taught me the essence of unconditional love and the importance of making kinder, cruelty-free choices - principles that Carter Wade stands on.

A Vision for Change

Seven years ago, when I first discovered cactus leather, the seeds for a revolution were sown. It wasn’t just about creating another line of handbags; it was about challenging the status quo, about refusing to compromise on my values for fashion. Carter Wade stands at the intersection of style and sustainability, offering handcrafted luxury without harm to any creature or the planet.

Our handbags are a testament to what fashion can and should be: an expression of beauty that does not turn a blind eye to the welfare of the earth and its inhabitants. With every piece crafted by skilled artisans, using hardware that matches the quality of traditional designer bags, Carter Wade redefines what it means to be truly luxurious. 

Sustainable Elegance, Global Impact

The narrative of Carter Wade extends beyond the deserts of Mexico to the vineyards of Italy, where grape leather tells another story of sustainable elegance. This journey from cactus to grape leather is not just about creating accessories; it's about forging a path for a fashion industry that respects and protects life in all its forms.

As we stand at the forefront of change, we're not just saving lives; we're preserving the future. Fashion, as the second-largest polluter in the world, needs a new direction. Carter Wade embodies this shift, proving that true luxury respects life, cherishes heritage, and embraces sustainability.

Join Our Story, Wear the Change

Carter Wade is more than a brand; it’s a movement. A movement towards a world where fashion is a force for good, where every choice is a step towards a sustainable future. Our handbags are not just accessories; they are symbols of hope, love, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

This is not just my story. It’s a call to everyone who believes in the power of change, in the beauty of our planet, and in the kindness we owe to every living being. Carter Wade invites you to be part of this journey, to wear not just a handbag, but a story of transformation and hope.

Together, let’s carry forward a legacy of love, sustainability, and style. Join us, and be a part of the revolution.